November 24, 2021

Partner, David R. Dahan Appointed President Elect for Keystone Chapter of CAI

pic_david_dahan_newWe are pleased to share some very exciting news about our partner, David R. Dahan.  David has been a Member of the Board of Directors for the Keystone Chapter of the Community Associations Institute (“CAI”) for about 5 years.  CAI is an international trade organization for community associations.  CAI promotes certain legislation which favors associations, opposes legislation which is contrary to the interests of associations and provides various education and networking events for the industry.  David was recently notified that he has been appointed as President Elect for 2022 and will serve as President of the Chapter for 2023.  This is in addition to his continued role as a Member of the Chapter’s Finance Committee and Executive Committee.  David will also serve as a Member of the Board Development Committee and the 2022 liaison for the Member Engagement and Golf committees.

Hyland Levin Shapiro Attorneys Participate in CAI’s New Jersey Mini Trade Show and Education Forum

On November 10, 2021, David Dahan and Will Hanna attended the Community Associations Institute’s New Jersey Mini Trade Show and Education Forum.  The firm had a display booth and was also a sponsor for this annual event.  The event was well attended and included a fascinating education forum on car charging stations for community associations.

June 21, 2021

Partner, David R. Dahan Attended and Presented at the 2021 Conference and Expo for the CAI’s Keystone Chapter

On June 17, Partner, David R. Dahan, attended the 2021 Conference and Expo for the Community Associations Institute’s Keystone Chapter.  David was also the presenter at an education seminar at the event on the topic:  Recently Adopted Rules of FHA Certification May Help Your Condo Association.  This was the first Conference and Expo since COIVD-19 restrictions were relaxed and it was a well-attended event!

February 8, 2021

Get Plugged-In On Car Charging in NJ Community Associations – Legislature Goes Green!

What happened?

In October 2020, Governor Murphy signed a law permitting the installation of electric vehicle charging stations in common interest communities. The law prohibits associations from unreasonably restricting the installation of an electric vehicle charging station in a designated parking space and declares any such restriction void and unenforceable. Rather, associations may only impose “reasonable restrictions” on the installation and use of charging stations, provided that same (a) do not significantly increase the cost of the charging station, or (b) decrease the efficiency or specified performance of the charging station.

Why you need to know about this?

  1. An association must grant exclusive or limited use of any portion of a common element to a unit owner to install and use a charging station (a) in a unit owner’s designated parking space; or (b) through a license for exclusive use of a parking space.
  2. If association approval is required for the installation or use of a charging station, the application must be processed in the same manner as an application for approval of an architectural modification to the property and must not be “willfully avoided or delayed.” If a denial is not issued within 60 days from receipt of the application, then the application is automatically deemed approved.
  3. An association must approve the installation of a charging station provided (a) the station complies with law and the association’s architectural standards; (b) the unit owner engages an electrician to install all necessary electric lines and infrastructure; (c) the unit owner timely obtains sufficient insurance protecting the association and other unit owners from damage caused by the charging station; (d) the unit owner pays for electricity usage associated with the charging station; and (e) the unit owner pays for reasonable charges imposed by an association to recover the costs of review of the application.
  4. An application may be denied if an association concludes the charging station is a life-safety risk.
  5. The unit owner is responsible for all costs and expenses of the charging station. Any money owed to the association shall be deemed special assessments collectible pursuant to law and the governing documents.
  6. Unit owners must disclose to prospective buyers the existence of the unit owner’s charging station and the associated responsibilities.

What should you do now?

An association may install charging stations in common element parking spaces and adopt rules and regulations for the use of same, or create a new parking space to facilitate the installation of a charging station.

If you have any questions about this article, please contact David R. Dahan at 856.355.2991 or by email at or William F. Hanna at 856.355.2937 or by email at